Thermotherapy is a collective name for treatment methods that use heat or cold.

Heat therapy is one of the oldest medical treatment methods. Heat therapy can be used for neck / shoulder complaints, low back pain, muscle pain, spasms, joint pain, whiplash, sciatica, rheumatic diseases and menstrual pain. Among other things, heat should not be used in inflammatory processes and fever.

Heat stimulates blood circulation, relaxes the muscles and can make the joints flexible so that they can move better. Cold therapy can be used (locally) for inflammation, swelling and fever. Cold is also often used for pain complaints and rheumatic diseases.

(Heil-) Moor

Moor is the result of a very long, natural process. After hundreds of years, dead plants form a peat layer in the soil, which forms the basis for the moor in our moor packings.


The specific Heilmoor, with which the Stadtholder® heat / cold packings are filled, is extracted in excavation areas. By grinding, filtering, germinating and extracting moisture, a constant quality is guaranteed, which has a consistent heat / cold conductivity and which is about 30% more effective than traditional synthetic gel. The foil is strong and durable, but feels soft during use. The Stadtholder® gasket is very easy to mold, both hot and cold. Stadtholder® gaskets are suitable for use in the microwave (max. 650 Watt; duration depending on the size of the gasket), in the Packheater (55-60 ° C.) Or heating in warm water (do not boil / pan off the fire ).

For use as a cold therapy, keep the packing in the refrigerator (not in the freezer).

The use of protective covers is recommended.