If you suffer from a disease and / or have complaints about your health, it is strongly recommended to always consult a doctor / therapist first to have the cause of the disease / complaints determined.

Always carefully read the contraindications and warnings in the instructions for use supplied with the product before using the product.Below you will find some general instructions.

Patients with a pacemaker should not use electrostimulation or biofeedback. Only if your doctor considers the application of these techniques safe and you apply the treatment under the guidance of your doctor / therapist, it can still be decided to use electrostimulation or biofeedback.

The safety of using electrostimulation and biofeedback during pregnancy has not been established.

Electrostimulation and biofeedback are safe forms of treatment, which have no side effects and do not make them dependent on therapy.Nevertheless, if you experience any problems or symptoms that you cannot explain, you should stop the treatment immediately and consult your doctor / therapist before resuming treatment.

Do not apply electrical stimulation to the larynx and the area of ​​the temples.

In electrostimulation it is important to always use original accessories such as electrodes and cables. Electrodes should be replaced in a timely manner. If redness or irritation occurs under the electrodes, replace the electrodes immediately or adjust the device settings.To avoid the transmission of infections, do not reuse accessories such as electrodes from patient to patient.The correct application temperature should be selected for heat / cold therapy.

Take special care to avoid burns or hypothermia of skin areas. As soon as irritation occurs, the application temperature should be adjusted or the treatment form in question should be discontinued.