It is called hyperhidrosis when increased sweat secretion occurs excessively. Hyperhidrosis can be a symptom of a condition, such as hyperthermia or hyperthydrosis. In such a case, one tries mainly to treat the cause of the condition.

If the cause of hyperhidrosis cannot be determined, iontophoresis offers good symptomatic treatment options. Stress, emotion and temperature can have a strong influence on the secretion of sweat, but need not necessarily underlie it. Especially the hands and feet are quickly affected by the presence of relatively many eccrine sweat glands in hyperhydrosis patients.


Iontophoresis has been used successfully for about 50 years as a symptom treatment for hyperhidrosis. Numerous studies confirm effective efficacy.

A generator supplies a weak direct current. Tap water serves as a conductive element for the transfer of current to the skin. Especially hands and feet can be treated in this way. The areas to be treated (hands / feet) are placed in a special container with water. The current is then transferred to the hands and / or feet via electrode connections on the container. The patient feels a light stimulation.

In the first month, approximately 8 treatments of approximately 20 minutes are performed. After that, a maintenance dose of once a week to once a quarter is usually sufficient. In extreme cases, treatment should be used more often.

Equipment: IDROSTAR, IOMAX-4

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